Top Online Career Counseling Degree Programs

top online career counseling degree programsCareer Counseling is a specialized area of the greater field of counseling. The availability of online programs devoted specifically to the career counseling field is somewhat limited, with only a few options offered by reputable online schools. Like any role in the counseling field, career counseling requires a minimum of a graduate level degree and many in the field go on to get their doctorate. One common path that prospective career counselors take on their path is to pursue a more general counseling degree and then seek opportunities to practice career counseling once they hold the general  degree.

All institutions listed in this article are regionally accredited institutions. One of the more difficult things when it comes to online counseling degrees is that the course cannot be tailored for specific licensing requirements in every individual state. The education is strong, but the online institutions recommend that you research licensing requirements before starting the online career counseling degree program so that you are able to focus on meeting all those requirements throughout your education.

The Top Online Career Counseling Degree Programs

Walden University

Program: M.S. in Career Counseling

Summary: Walden University instituted their new M.S. in Career Counseling program as a response to an increased need in the market.  With more people switching careers than ever, the demand for professional career counselors has gone up. The program requires two six day residencies for completion, during which the student will learn valuable skills for interacting face to face with clients.

Tuition:$420/Quarter Credit

Capella University

Program: M.S. in General Career Counseling

Summary: This program focuses on the administration of a career counseling center as well as individual career counseling techniques. It focuses on the methods by which one can go about creating career, life and employment plans for clients of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Tuition: $458/Credit

University of the Rockies

Program: M.A. Psychology-Career Management and Counseling Specialization

Summary: The program at the University of the Rockies covers the career counseling subject from a different perspective than most. The focus is on studying the psychological elements that impact job seeking and career choice. This also focuses on assessing a job candidate’s performance and development to aid companies in the hiring process.

Tuition: $726/Credit

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